Kamis, 27 Agustus 2015

Tips to combat hair loss

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There are plenty of beauty tips and home to combat hair loss recipes, however, this selection of tips summarizes the most effective and proven tips to help stop the decline and recovery of hair. If you adopt, you have great chances that your problem of hair loss, is past history.

Tips to combat hair loss

  • Do not expose your hair too much sun, beach, sea water or river, factors impeding hair growth.

  • Avoid using gels, mousse and other commercial chemicals beauty hair as conducive to hair loss. Prefer natural products to care for your hair.

  • Do not brush your hair because you could increase your fall. Use combs with wide gaps and keep the scalp clean, avoiding clogged follicles, causing hair loss.

  • Do not abuse the use of hats or scarves, to prevent oxygenation of your hair.

  • Avoid using forceps, hooks and accessories for clipping hair, because force and damage the hair.

  • Do not color your hair with chemicals that cause hair loss.

  • Avoid blow drying. Dry your hair, if possible, of course, in contact with air.

  • Combat stress is to prevent the contraction of blood vessels that feed the hair, causing the scalp malnutrition and increased hair loss.